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If you want to find the apartment that suits you, you must consult a professional and reliable
real estate agent


Congratulations, you are on your way to buying a first apartment, maybe you want to upgrade and move to an apartment that will suit you better after expanding your family, move to another location due to a new job or you are looking for a property to invest in - you should know that selling or buying real estate is not an easy process


Thanks to our many years of experience, personal care and professional staff, we can help you buy or sell a property with minimum effort on your part and maximum investment on our part. Let us accompany you from the moment you start

locating a buyer or apartment until the signing of the final contract


?Why is it important to hire a real estate agent


Many people mistakenly think that selling an apartment in the private market does not require effort. They think that posting the apartment on social media or hanging a board on the windowsill is enough. Clients have told us that only after they put the property on the market, They realized the amount of hassle and investment required to sell or buy an apartment. So how can you go through this process in the best and smartest way? The answer of course is by hiring a real estate agent who will guide you all the way. Professional real estate consulting can be the difference between a proper sale at a big and quick profit and a long and exhausting process that will eventually bring you to compromise on your price and desires because of bumps along

the way


The first benefit of hiring the services of a real estate agent is saving time. Most landlords or apartment buyers work full time, have families and commitments so it is difficult for them to find free time even for themselves. A real estate agent spends most of his time working for you. He will work non-stop in promoting your property, locating an apartment or customers in his databases, answering dozens of potential customer calls and personally accompanying them when they come See the apartment


Another reason is the agent's expertise in negotiating. Selling or buying an apartment is probably the biggest deal most people will make during their lifetime. Not everyone knows how to properly negotiate and not transmit too much pressure or eagerness in the process. A buyer who faces such an inexperienced seller realizes that he can lower the price of the property far beyond its value or God forbid fear that there is a hidden defect in the apartment, and then decide to give up the deal. Therefore, let a real estate agent who knows how to intelligently negotiate to represent you in this critical process


A professional real estate agent also knows how to advertise the property in the best way in the complicated apartment market in Israel. He will be able to recommend the right way to do it with the variety of platforms and tools he has. This will save months of delay and tedious waiting for a potential buyer


Foreign investors need an agent to help them understand the Israeli bureaucracy. Many transactions were canceled due to problems with the local municipality or difficulty in signing the bank's mortgage. A professional real estate consultant will be able to check in advance what problems are likely to interfere, will examine the construction plan at the municipality and will assist in a professional measurement of the property in case gaps are discovered


Experience in the real estate market in Israel and in the real estate market in Tel Aviv in particular are significant reasons that should encourage you to hire our services. Fortunately, in recent years we have gained a respectable reputation as an office that knows the city and its unique characteristics as few know. We differ from dangerous inexperienced beginners who can make beginner mistakes in your deal. The many years we have been operating in the city will help us help you avoid problems and locate for you the hot neighborhoods whose value is rising


And if all these reasons are not enough then the last and perhaps most important reason is the fact that a real estate agent will manage your sale or purchase for you all the way. He will recommend the right and experienced professionals you need: from finding a reliable attorney to draft a contract, a tax advisor who will accompany you to manage the taxation processes, to interior designers and renovators who will tailor your apartment. All this will make the process simple, easy and efficient



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