-Sky View Real Estate Agency

With over 13 years of experience in the field and hundreds of real estate deals closed, we have the knowledge and

demonstrated track record needed to succeed. We also specialize in identifying new, intriguing investments, acquisition groups, asset improvements, and other related real-estate opportunities

We accompany our clients from the acquisition stage until the realization of returns. This includes negotiating and handling attorneys, appraisers, engineers, surveyors, municipalities, interior designers, and architects

.Above all, our professional staff know how to listen

  18/6/20  Link to our article at ILTV News Studios: https://youtu.be/_pMKyQOC2nA

      https://youtu.be/luwBRy-5-2k      9/7/20                                                                      

                              Eyal katz - Owner & Founder


                        Responsible for recuitment assets

                                   BA - Business & Economics

                             years of experience in the field

                                              phone: 03-6322100-5

                               mail: eyalskyview@gmail.com

Oded Hen - lawyer


Escorts the company's custemers

   ​Mail: Odedskyview@gmail.com


                              Jack  Baruch - Buyers Agent


                                              Phone: 054-4772658

office: 03-6322100-1

                mail: jackie.skyview@gmail.com



            Ido Mazor - Buyers Agent



                                                Phone: 054-3973148

                                              office: 03-6322100-1

                                  mail: idoskyview@gmail.com




  Nir Dagan - Saelers  Agent  


                                              phone: 054-3978437

                                            office: 03-6322100-2

                                  mail: nirskyview@gmail.com



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